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Ready for SCHOOL?

Back to School! Are they ready?
School holidays over summer break is a great time for children to take a well-deserved break and
have loads of fun. But do you know, children with that extended break can result in lose knowledge
and academic skills? More often than not, when school reopens you will notice a demotivated child
for school, lower confidence in numeracy, and playing catch up to some of the materials thought last
But don’t worry. Your child isn’t the only one. Often referred to as summer learning loss, or summer
slide, is due to the extended break in children learning pattern that leads to them forgetting.
Teachers often find themselves spending weeks re-teaching materials students have already learnt
prior to summer break.
How can we help?
The idea is to allow children have meaningful breaks to prevent fatigue but to also encourage
constant enrichment of knowledge and learning. Parents and surrounding environment play a big
role in achieving this outcome.
So with this in mind, here are two ways to help your children learn and have fun at the same time:

  1. Start a family reading club, or join a neighbourhood one instead!
    Studies have shown that students tend to lose most knowledge in their literacy skills over the
    summer break. Starting or joining a pre-existing book club will help curb this problem! Not only
    do you help your children retain and improve an essential skill, but when given the right book to
    read, they’ll have nothing but fun. Make sure to explore different genres of books, from fantasy
    to sci-fi, anything that might tickle their fancy. Always keep your child guessing, and never let
    them lose interest or get bored by the activity.
  2. Signing them up for holiday activities and workshops.
    Sending your child on summer holiday activities or workshops such as soccer, science, coding,
    reading and creative writing often lower the risk of summer learning loss by keeping their mind
    occupied, body moving and imaginations stimulated. They get to explore a new environment,
    and connect with people they would otherwise not have met, helping them further develop
    their confidence and social skills. This also offer them a chance to make new, possibly lifelong
    friends all while learning new and invaluable experience in the process.
    Remember, all children are susceptible to summer learning loss regardless of age, albeit some more
    than others. Lack of practice and learning activities breaks their learning rhythm. As parents, let’s
    discover activities that generate the curiosity and fun in our little ones!

Join our School Readiness Program to give them an extra boost before school start.

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By Ai Wei | Jia CGLearning @ we help children’s to build their learning confident

Prep Booster

Maths and Literacy Program

  • This program concentrates on the first year of primary school level maths and literacy (reading, writing and oral language) skills.
  • Designed to support children in their first year of primary school by reinforcing and extending learning based on their school work.
  • Australian Curriculum aligned
  • A combination of group, one on one, and independent work encouraged
  • Children get a good foundation of reading principles, reviewing single sounds, blend sounds and then introducing sight words, punctuation and writing
  • This program focuses on understanding concrete concepts behind the abstract questions. At this year level, children can connect names, numerals, and quantities for numbers. We encourage fluency in counting sequences, adding and subtracting, and developing problem-solving skills.

Primary Tutoring

Our main goal for children who attend our centres for tutoring is that they feel happy and confident.

Whether your child is looking to improve or extend themselves in literacy and numeracy comprehension, we believe every child should reach their potential.

CGLearning can help any student in primary school from the very early stages of literacy through to textual analysis and confidently expressing their views in their writing. Similarly, CGLearning can help your child in their mathematics development journey from telling the time through to advanced multiplication scenarios.

When a child starts tutoring at CGLearning , they complete a values survey, so that we can discover what makes them tick, what they enjoy, and what they don’t. This allows us to help each child based on their values and offer exercises that are appropriate and engaging for them.

CGLearning offers a variety of class types for tutoring. You have the choice of your child learning in an individual or a small group session, ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Now available! In addition to centre-based tuition, CGLearning is now offering CGLearning Online. This will be your gateway to accessing your favourite lessons, so you never have to miss a class! Our safe and secure, virtual classroom will mean your child can connect with their tutor and attend a live lesson without leaving home. Book via the Tutoring Online, or Tutoring In Centre